At MCI we are committed to providing professional Inspection and Assessment services to the clients. Our professional inspectors can carry out inspection services in various provinces throughout Pakistan within the shortest period of notification and inform the clients the results of inspection promptly.

We carry out pre-shipment inspection of goods exported out of, or imported into Pakistan in the Textiles, Apparel, Sports products, Leather, Surgical, Mechanical and Chemical fields.

We can carry out inspections for products such as Fabric, Garments, Home Textiles, Bedding Products, Towels, Shoes, Socks, Bags, Leather Jackets, Gloves, Sportswear, Caps, Beauty products, Scissor & Shears, Surgical products, rice, cotton, Sports Goods such as Volleyballs, Footballs. Also, our mechanical and engineering works division takes care of inspection and consultancy work concerning Steel Line Pipes, Polyethylene Pipes, Cast Iron Pipes, Valves & Fittings, Industrial Boilers and Mechanical equipments used in Steel, Sugar, Cement and Chemical industry.

Whether it is apparel inspections, hometextile inspections, leather jacket inspections, towel inspections, fabric inspections we do them all and have a vast experience behind us.

Maestro Compliance is the most renowned local based inspection company in Pakistan. So much so that the overseas multinational inspection companies also like to avail MCI’s inspection services.

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