Ethical Audits

For a cutting edge business, a moral inventory network is never again a discretionary.  Today, customers, governments and NGOs are putting expanding weight on brands and retailers to guarantee straightforwardness all through their supply chains.

Social responsibility is a vital component of an organization’s sourcing and promoting system, which guarantees better item quality, speedier customer dependability, and underline great corporate citizenship. MCI offers thorough moral review programs that can be led by global principles, your organization’s in-house details or our own Best-In-Class Convention.

The aim of ethical audit/monitoring is to ensure that your business partners abide with your company’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. We conduct the social accountability compliance audit base on standards or standards drawn by clients.

  • SA 8000
  • SMETA (Sedex)
  • amfori BSCI
  • Initiative Clause Sociale (ICS)

Main elements of a typical code of conduct:

  • Child Labor
  • Forced Labor
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment and Abuse
  • Minimum Wage
  • Social Benefits
  • Health & Safety
  • Freedom of Association
  • Working Hours
  • Working Environment

We guarantee not too bad working conditions and human rights all through your inventory network, Consent to statutory necessities, Counteract unapproved subcontracting, Get an exact picture of moral consistence in your inventory network, Enhance mark picture and increment buyer faithfulness and Cultivate helpful relations with your providers.