During Product Inspection

This Inspection takes place when approximately 20 to 30% of the total ordered quantity is produced but not yet packed. Depending on the product and the manufacturing process the DPI may cover raw materials, partially completed products and/or finished products and their packaging. Production status is verified at this stage.

Production Status:

The Inspector asks the factory representative for the approximate percentage of the products that are completed and verifies (by counting) that the percentage stated by the factory is accurate. The factory representative is also asked to estimate the Production completion date.

The Inspector will record the production status of each item, style and product number as follows: Order Quantity, Units not in Production, Units finished / Not Packed, Units finished / Packed.

The Inspector will check each production line and confirm that the products ordered are being manufactured at that time. Any observations, comments, or concerns will be recorded in the Process Observation section of the applicable DPI Inspection Report.

Inspection of Finished Goods:

The finished units (Packed/or not packed) will be inspected in the manner as for Final Random Inspection. It should be noted that at the DPI stage certain elements may or may not be available for inspection, such as: export cartons, carton numbers, shipping marks, packaging components, labels etc. The Inspector will note in the Inspection Findings about the availability or non-availability of such elements.